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General price $379.50

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Fred Astle

Day 1: Key Note Speaker

Day 2: Key Note Speakers

Here is a sample of our Workshops

Allan McEvoy

The value of relationship in supervision social workers in schools:

In and out of the supervision space

Christa Fouche

‘None of us is as smart as all of us’:

Making a difference with practice-research partnerships

Ksenjia Napan

When you play with fire…. you can get enlightened too!

Selina Akhter

Islamic Worldview:

A Muslim social work educators perspective

Marisa Little

Enhancing Supervision Through Connection:

A Takepu (Tikanga Maori) Based Approach to Supervision

Kamaline Pomare

Should there be space for cross-cultural supervision frameworks in Aotearoa New Zealand and if so, why? A self-study of cross-cultural supervisory relationships.

Melvin Apulu

A sense of calling:

Self-Discovery for the identity of Samoa Social Workers

Mary McDavitt

The practical pitfalls and potential pathways in the SWiS world


Conference Schedule DAY ONE

8am: Registration

8.45:Pōwhiri – Ngāti Tamaoho

Pakuranga Intermediate Kapa Haka Roopu

9.45: Morning Tea

10.15: Opening Address:  Hon. Tracey Martin
Minster for Children

10.35: Time with Pio

Youth Performance: Flo Akauloa


11am: Workshops

Kamaline Pomare: Cross cultural supervisory relationships


Heidi Crawford: How do you actually get them talking to you? The use of tools in practice.


Linda and Jonathan Mariner: Le Nuanua – clearing clouds and shedding light. Supporting rainbow diverse young people


Marisa Little: Enhancing supervision through connection: A tikanga Māori based approach to supervision


12-1pm: Provider Exposè / Lunch

1pm: Time with Pio

1.15: Keynote:  Fred Astle

Lessons from Kaupapa Māori


2.10: Workshops

Selina Akhter: Islamic Worldview – A Muslim social work educator’s perspective


Justine Spring-Rice, Josy Whittaker: To beat the drums in working with children and young people (Limit 30)


Christa Fouche: ‘None of us is as smart as all of us’ Making a difference with practice- research partnerships


Allan McEvoy: Supervising social workers in schools – the value of relationships


Rachel Knappstein: Talking with teachers


3.10: Afternoon Tea

3.30-3.50: Summary of the day/Closing:  Pio

4.30-6:30: Cocktail Event (ticket holders only)

Conference Schedule DAY TWO

8.45: Pio

9 am: Keynote:  Rachel Donegan,  Henriette Taylor  Promise Heights

University of Maryland School of Social Work

Partnering with the Community to Build Cradle-to-Career Supports

10am: Morning Tea

10.30: Workshops

Elias Martis: Challenges, struggles and conflicts faced by migrants and their children in Aotearoa


Daisy and YWiS Team: Positively engaging young people


Irene de Haan: If you could change two things – SWiS talk about schools’ response to child abuse and neglect.


Rachel, Henriette: Supporting the Whole Child by Supporting the Whole Community

(Limit 30)


Ksenjia Napan (1): When you play with fire… you can get enlightened too! (Limit 12)


11.30: Time with Pio

Youth Performance: Samuel Dawson

12pm: Lunch

12.40: Comedian: Courtney Dawson

12.50: Time with Pio

1pm: Keynote:  Nigel Latta

Humans Beings:  A Practical Guide for Professional Miracle Workers

2.20: Workshops

Ksenjia Napan (2): When you play with fire… you can get enlightened too! (Limit 12)


Mary McDavitt: Pitfalls and pathways for relationships in the SWiS world


Irene Ayallo: Migration and Cultural Identity among Migrant and Refugee ‘Background’ Youth


Melvin Apulu: A Sense of calling – self-discovery for the identity of Samoan social workers


Shay Twomey, Paul Jones: SWiS Hubs: Future Proofing Community Needs


3.20: Afternoon Tea

3.40: Closing – Ngati Tamaoho

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